Sugo Pasta Kitchen – Una Recensione

I have been lucky enough to some amazing Italian food on my travels so far and for years I have been yearning for decent pasta, here in Manchester. Not just a good Italian restaurant (as Manchester has quite a few!) but really amazing pasta. The type of pasta which can match that of Rome, Milan or Burano!

Sugo Pasta Kitchen is the closest thing I have tried to any of my favourites and we’re very lucky to have it on our doorstep. Sugo is located on the new side of the city centre, Ancoats. Slowly becoming the new foodie hotspot of the city.

I have been dribbling over their instagram for a while and we finally went to try it for ourselves!

The interior is the simple and laid back vibe you will see in most restaurants on this side of town, recently renovated and industrial. The menu is small, but in the best way. As I’ve come to know, large menus often mean pre-papaired food & lots of reheating.

Sugo keep their menu compact, with dishes changing with every season. Some of the best selling favourites thankfully stay all year round.

Although every dish sounded amazing, I decided to opt for a lema bean & broccoli bruschetta and the Sugo favourite Beef Shin pasta. My boyfriend went for Arancini and a classic tomato & mozzarella pasta.

I can honestly say, that this food was even more delicious than it looks! (& it looks pretty amazing doesn’t it!)

If you saw any of my recent Ancoats posts, you will know that this area is very exciting at the minute. Amazing foodie hotspots like Sugo are popping up everywhere. Whilst this is great, I know it can lead to over saturation & this can make it harder for some people to decide where to go! Over the next 12 months I’m going to make it my mission to try as many as I can & give you guys all the honest opinions!

If you love Italian, specifically well made pasta dishes, Sugo is definitely worth a visit. Their food is delicious, fresh and well worth the money! I’d recommend booking, as it’s been busy since its opening & this is definitely not slowing down.

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