Martin Parr: Return to Manchester

Despite being lucky enough to visit some of the most beautiful museums and galleries Europe has on offer, Manchester Art Gallery will always be in my top 3.

Whether it’s the building itself or their ability to show art which is hundreds of years old, yet somehow manages to speak to the modern society and reflect social issues we face today. It’s safe to say, it has a very special place in my heart. But, this isn’t why I’ve chose to sit down and write this today. I want more people to know about one of their current exhibitions; Martin Parr: Return to Manchester.

Martin Parr is someone who I actually discovered through Instagram and have followed the work of ever since. Studying in Manchester he has often used places round the city and it’s people as subjects of his work.

This new exhibit shows images from a forgotten time and gives an insight into life around Manchester past and present. The images throughout the exhibit evoke different thoughts/feelings and they all show a very Northern style of life, in a beautiful way.

I’ve always felt that images are just as important as words. They can provide an insight into a world other than your own and this is definitely worth a visit! The exhibition runs until the 22nd of April and along with the current exhibits around the gallery it’s well worth spending an afternoon here!

If you do visit or even just fancy having a gander at his work online, let me know what you think!

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