Healthy (ish) Xmas Snacks

This is definitely the season for indulgence and I know most of us by now have spent many a night eating Celebrations and drinking wine.

We haven’t made it to the big day just yet and that means there are going to be more buffets, parties and opportunities to over eat a little bit! So I thought about my favourite Christmas treats and tried to think about how I could make them a little healthier for myself! There are 3 snack recipes I thought up, which aren’t necessarily ‘healthy’, but they are definitely a healthier option to Quality Street, cheese boards and mince pies!

First up is Spiced butter and Apple!

I wanted something simple, easy to put together, that has all the flavours of Christmas and this one is definitely all of that! One of my favourite healthier snacks is chopped apple and I thought that having a spiced almond butter dip would be a perfect way to make it festive!

Add half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon & ginger to two tablespoons of almond butter. Heat through for a couple of minutes, and then serve with apple, hot or cold!

Next is my healthier take on delicious Florentine’s! These super sweet & chocolatey biscuits are always on sale at Christmas as a delicious after tea treat. But, they are quite rich and are full of sugar. So, here are some dark chocolate buttons, which taste and feel naughty, even though they’re not really!

Melt 200g of dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) and drizzle onto baking paper in circles, approximately 3cm in diameter.

While the chocolate is still warm sprinkle chopped pecans, cranberries and pumpkin seeds onto each button. Once cooled in the fridge, and they harden, they are ready to eat!

A great way to cure a sweet craving, without too much guilt!

Finally is one of my favourites, candied nuts!

This one is definitely the least healthy, but as Christmas treats go, it’s not to bad! As long as they’re eaten sparingly, they will still be a bit better than chocolate truffles!

Simply whisk 1 egg white & 1 tablespoon of water until fluffy and then add 1 cup of white sugar, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of of salt & mix.

Coat 450 grams of pecans (or whichever nuts you prefer) with the spiced sugar & egg mixture. Place on a baking tray lined with parchment and place in a pre-heated oven of 120degrees.

Move and mix the nuts around every 15 minutes or so, after an hour, the nuts should be perfect!

Hope you get the chance to try out one or more of these recipes, as they are delicious & very festive! I’m not going to be posting now until 2019, so I hope you enjoy the Holiday period and I will speak with you in the New Year!

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