Top 3 Cosy Brunch Spots – MCR

It’s that time of year when everyone descends on Manchester City centre to enjoy the German Christmas markets and do some serious shopping!

Whilst I do love the markets and all the festive fun, I tend to hate not being able to find a spot to relax! This time of year, the majority of  cafes & restaurants in the city centre are filled with day trippers and out of towners. Which can make it hard to find a spot to sit and enjoy the festivities.

So, I’ve picked out my 3 favourite spots that are slightly hidden / usually overlooked to grab some great food & drink! If your heading into town this weekend, or just need somewhere to have 5 quiet minutes away from all the markets, mulled wine & mince pies, then these are definitely the places for you! 

Bay Horse Tavern

This little pub on Thomas Street could be mistaken as one of those working men pubs that aren’t necessarily open to everyone. But, you would be very wrong!


Inside this little tavern has been modernised without sacrificing its charm and character. Now known for good food & cocktails, it’s no longer a generic Manchester pub. It’s usually a little quieter than the rest of the spots in the Northern Quarter & could be a perfect spot to rest after a morning of shopping!



If you get into town early and want to start your day off relaxed, eating delicious food and drinking a good cup of coffee, then Nibble is definitely the spot.


Whilst it does get busy with the locals as the day goes on, first thing in the morning, this lovely little spot on Oldham Street is a quiet haven compared to most spots in town on the weekend.


Offering home style baked goods and seasonal brunch options, this gorgeous little cafe could be your haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Noi Quattro

If your done with seasonal food & crave some delicious Italian grub, then this is where you should go. Not only does Noi serve some great food, in a relaxed atmosphere, it’s new to the city centre and not many people know about it just yet!


So, while everywhere else is packed full of people Noi could offer you a quiet corner to enjoy some pizza and relax, before talking drinks at the markets!


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