The Ultimate BB Cream

Looking for something that evens out skin tone, blurs imperfections, controls oil & is light on the skin? I know the exact product you need. The La Roche Posay BB cream has become my best friend over the past couple of months and I want to share it with everyone!


It’s no shock to those who know me, that since turning 25, my skin has gone mental. I suffer with very painful cystic acne in my cheeks and hormonal acne around my chin. When it first started appearing, I made the silly decision to cover it with more makeup. This ultimately led to my skin getting more blocked and aggravated.

Slowly but surely, I tried reducing down the amount of makeup I wear, to help my skin and I started looking into CC / BB creams. I still wanted a little coverage, but also wanted something light that won’t block my pores. That’s when I stumbled across this BB cream, recommended in an article by Vogue.

I found the product quite easily in my local Boots and I bought the lightest shade. This shade is still quite tanned, compared to my natural skin, however it only gives the skin a slightly bronze finish and doesn’t really look the same colour as it is in the tube, once is on the skin.


At first I was a little worried, as it does have SPF within the cream, which tends to make my skin break out. But, after using it for the past 2 months, it has not caused any issues. Not only is it light on the skin, but during a recent trip to Lisbon (where the weather was in the 30’s every day) my face stayed protected by using the BB cream alone. Which meant I didn’t need to use sunscreen on my face and avoided the breakouts it usually causes me!


Another thing which I love about this cream, is that it isn’t a cream at all. It’s more like a whipped mousse and the texture is soft. It drys down to a matte finish on the skin and I genuinely do think this has helped control how oily I get during the day.


My only issue with the product would be the shade options, would be that they definitely do not cater to a large range range of skin types. I don’t think anyone with very pale skin could use this product & they definitely do not cater to anyone deeper than a standard ‘sand’ shade. I understand that BB Creams aren’t usually that varied as they don’t transfer that much colour to the skin, but it does seem unfair for there to be only one colour available in most stores.

This cream has definitely helped me feel more confident about my skin, without using lots of product & was great at protecting my skin from the sun whilst on holiday. So, if your skin breaks out when using SPF & your looking for an alternative, or you don’t love wearing lots of makeup but want a little coverage/blurring of imperfections then this is definitely a product I would recommend trying!

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