Healthy (ish) Rice Pudding

This classic dish is loved by many and will likely remind you of your childhood. Over the past year, I’ve cooked this recipe a couple of times and now it’s he weathers getting a little colder, I thought it would be the perfect time to share it!

For anyone who might not know Rice Pudding is a simple, delicious & cheap pudding, that you cook long and slow in the oven. It’s a sweet and sticky rice dish, usually served with jam, honey or any topping of your choice!

The recipe I use for this dish is the BBC good food recipe. I have made a few little changes, which I think make the pudding a bit creamier and healthier (ish). This recipe easily enough for 4 large portions or 6 smaller portions.

Pudding Rice – 100 grams
Nutmeg – to taste
Cinnamon – to taste
Semi-skimmed milk – 350 ml
Soya milk – 350ml
Granulated sugar – 20 grams
Maple syrup – 1 Tablespoon
Vanilla extract – 1 Teaspoon


Coat a large baking dish in butter and pre-heat your oven to 150C

Next, mix all the dry ingredients and place them evenly onto the bottom of the baking dish.

Mix the vanilla extract into the milk and then poor over the rice.

Stir the ingredients together and finish with a covering of nutmeg.


Place in the centre of the oven, carefully, for x hours. Every 20 minutes, stir the rice slowly, to avoid any clumps.

Once cooked, allow to stand for at least 5 minutes.

Serve & top with whatever you prefer! I personally love Dark Chocolate chips or cinnamon. 

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