VREV – Vegan Fast Food

That’s right, believe it or not, this is a vegan burger.


Vegan food is becoming more and more popular and is now on par with some of my favourite restaurants. Throw out the idea that vegan food is just salad and vegetables, with the developments in flavours and meat substitutes, vegan food can be anything it wants to be. Vrev in the Northern Quarter of Manchester is doing  vegan comfort fast food that would rival anywhere else in the area! 


If you have read my last few Manchester foodie posts (Bundobust / El Capo / Grub MCR) you will know that my boyfriend is now vegetarian and I’m a meat eater who tries to ethically choose to not eat meat on a regular basis. Whilst I do eat meat, I often choose to have a few days where I don’t. Not just because I feel I should do, but because the vegetarian options are now just as delicious! (sometimes even better)

I tried a delicious hamburger (beefy patty) with cheez and beacon. My boyfriend went for a buttermalk fried seitan chckn burger. We then also decided to share a portion of dirty baecon & cheez fries and Frickles (deep fried pickles). Everything was just as tasty as it looks.


This was a feast of food and it was absolutely delicious. From the Burgers to the sauces, it was easy to forget that you weren’t actually eating meat or dairy.


The whole ‘meat, veg & potato’ plate is a very old fashioned way to see our food/diets. We should all be varying what we eat and need to stop thinking that we have to have meat on the plate, for it to be a ‘proper meal’. So, although I’m not vegan, I love that Manchester has somewhere this amazing which might hopefully convince a few more meat eaters that Vegan food can be delicious! I would challenge any meat eater to come here and try to tell me that they didn’t love it!


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