DIY Pumpkin Lanterns

I have loved carving pumpkins for as long as I can remember and I make sure I fill my home with pumpkins every October. Last October, I tried out a new way to make Jack o Lanterns & I’ll definitely be doing it again this year. I have also listed all the mistakes I made and the tricks to get them perfect yourself!


Rather than carving out the usual pumpkin king, cat or bat I decided to do something new. After a few minutes on Pinterest, I found lots of images of beautiful lanterns, decorated with lots of dotty patterns. I soon realised, that you can make lanterns with nothing more than a pumpkins & a drill! With a little help from family (who know a lot more about power tools than me!)


In a few minutes me and my family had decorated my pumpkins with different patterns and different sized holes, making a unique take on the jack o lantern! If your looking for something new do this Halloween, its definitely worth a try!


Tips & Tricks

whilst the process is quite simple, there are definitely a couple of things worth knowing before you try these for yourself!

The pumpkin is generally softer than you think, so be really careful with holding & drilling the smaller pumpkins. – While it does look nice with smaller pattered holes, if you don’t make enough holes, the candle wont get enough oxygen to burn. Make sure you check before putting the drill away! – This technique does seem to make the pumpkins get softer / rotten a lot quicker than normal, so if your doing this for a Halloween party, do it no more than 2 days before – Having different sized drill bits will help you create lots of different patterns – Stop to clean the drill bit down every 15 / 20 holes so that it doesn’t block the drill.

Hope you have a happy Halloween & hope you have as much fun as I did!



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