September Favourites

I seem to spend my whole year waiting for September, colder weather & all things Autumn. I can’t believe it’s been and gone already! This month has flown by & no doubt October is going to fly by too. As you are reading this I will be in Lisbon, so this does mean that there will be lots of Lisbon related posts on their way too! I already can’t wait to share them with you all, but for now, here are all the things I have been Obsessed with in September!

If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know that Glow is one of my favourite series on Netflix. This month I finally got round to watching series 2 and it was amazing! The second series is funnier, smarter and even a little sad. I already can’t wait for series 3 & if you want a new funny show to binge watch, then this is it!


Pop tarts
I’m usually not a lover of sweet foods, but in September, anything cinnamon flavoured is a winner. This month my boyfriend surprised me with a packet of Cinnamon Roll flavoured pop tarts and I love them!


DW Candles
Like most candle obsessed people, I spent a lot of time in TK Max & Homesense this month and bagged myself lots of amazing DW Home autumn / Halloween candles. They burn really well, have a really strong scent and come in the perfect styles for Autumn / winter. I’d definitely recommend a trip to your local store if you haven’t been already!


Topshop Bag
For my trip to Lisbon I wanted to grab a new bag that would go with everything & one that would be great for A/W too. As soon as I saw this orange over the shoulder number, I was in love. At £29.00 it is also and absolute bargain! With the tortoise shell handles it’s on trend & goes with nothing (meaning it goes with everything!) If you follow me on Instagram, I apologise in advance for all the pics of me with this bag.


B.B. Cream
Over the past 4 months I have been dealing with some of the worst acne I’ve had my whole life. Across my cheeks I have been getting very deep, painful cystic acne. I have tried reducing all the products I use, trying to wear as little makeup as I can bare, cleaning my pillows regularly & tried stopping any skin contact with my face. I also replaced my usual base makeup with a recommended oil reducing B.B. cream, I chose the La Roche-Posay cream. Whilst the acne is still there, it has reduced significantly & the B.B. cream is light and smoothing on my skin. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who suffers with skin issues but just wants a light coverage for day to day.


Hope you have had a great month & let’s hope that October is even better! (Its Halloween, how could it not be amazing)

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