Top 3 MCR Bakeries

The industrial city of Manchester, in the the North of England, might not be the first place you would link to stunning pastries or Viennoiserie. Whilst I may be a little bias, I genuinely believe that some of the bakers and pastry chefs in Manchester can rival any of the best.


I have been very lucky to travel around Europe and see / eat in some of the most beautiful places around the world. But I still I believe that the pastries you can find, in these 3 Mancunian spots, rival any that you will find in Italy, America, France and even Denmark! 

First up is Alberts Schloss


This bar / jazz venue / restaurant is renown in Manchester for being a place that your can enjoy beers, music and food with friends. But, it’s also where you will find some of the best pastries, pretzels, loafs and cronuts. Freshly baked each day with varying themes and flavours, these pastries have gathered a following of their own and I can confirm they are 100% as delicious as they look.


Next is Fress.


This lovely 1920s style Manhattan cafe on Oldham Street is easily overlooked. But once inside you can feel the passion they have for amazing food, delicious pastries and good coffee! They also bake fresh every day and have a cult following of all their delicious pastries. My personal favourite has to be the Pumpkin and spiced white chocolate Cronut that they created last Autumn! (above) You can see all their fresh pastries in the windows of the café each morning!


Last, but certainly not least is Pollen Bakery.


If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know hat I have championed this bakery since I found them selling their food out of a railway arch behind Piccadilly station. Now they have their own store & restaurant, I’m so happy that their food & amazing pastries are just as amazing!


Their flavour combinations, quality of food & service is second to none and I guarantee would give any Parisian Bakery a run for its money & some! If your planning a trip into Manchester or your a local and haven’t tried any of these 3 spots yet (there can’t be many people left) then make sure you add them to your ‘to-eat’ list!


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