The New Pollen Bakery

For anyone who has been reading my blog since the beginning, you may remember a post back in June 2017 about a Bakery that I found on Instagram. Pollen Bakery is easily one of the best bakeries in Manchester and it’s recently made a huge jump from a railway arch behind Piccadilly station..


to a stunning / modern store, with indoor seating in the newest part of the city, New Islington!


The new Pollen Bakery is not only in a stunning location, it now has the capability to serve lots more food throughout the day! If you visited the old Pollen Bakery, you will know that it used to sell out of almost everything before 12pm most days! Now you can enjoy their renown pastries & bread, alongside more savoury options like sandwiches, tarts and (recently added) smørrebrod.


My boyfriend and I recently went down on Saturday morning, to check out their new place, drink some of their famous coffee and try some more of their amazing pastries!


The new spot couldn’t be more perfect. Not only is the new space a perfect amount of modern & industrial, they have really thought about every detail. 


Everything from the plates to the artwork on the walls, you can tell they have all been chosen to match the Pollen ethos & aesthetic!


Despite the fact they have moved to the opposite side of the city, it hasn’t stopped people flocking to this amazing bakery. We turned up around 10am and it was packed full of people! For our breakfast, we decided to try a classic croissant. I know I’ve said this before, but it is easily the best I’ve had outside of Paris.


Then we decided to share a spiced orange & pecan muffin too. (We couldn’t resist trying something else)


I can safely say that this was beyond delicious! I wanted to try this muffin as the flavours are some of my favourites, especially for Autumn! Next time we visit, which I know will be soon, I definitely want to try some of their brunch menu & savoury options. Fingers crossed there will be some room inside!


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