West Ivy – A Review

Whether you have a birthday, hen party, baby shower coming up or just fancy a cheeky little treat, West Ivy in Bury is serving up a feast for their own version of an afternoon tea! This reasonably new restaurant is the latest addition to Bury town centre, located around 20 minutes from Manchester centre.


Not only is it a sweet toothed persons dream, it’s also an absolute bargain at just £23.95!


I recently tried out their afternoon tea at a family baby shower and I was actually really impressed! My home town of Bury isn’t exactly know as a foodie hotspot, however over the past couple of years a few places have cropped up which are definitely worth trying! (The Clarence / Bloom)

For a bargain price of £23.95 you can enjoy a afternoon tea which includes 10 different foods & 2 drinks! Avocado smash bruschetta, Brie  & pickle toast, Halloumi fries with chilli jam, Cajun chicken salad & skin on fries for your savoury course. The you have a salted caramel cheesecake, popcorn, brownies, mini donuts with Hershey’s chocolate dip, toasted marshmallow, a strawberry ‘unicorn’ milkshake and finally a glass of prosecco topped with candy floss! (I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a bargain!)


The tea is delivered in lovely little picnic baskets, which have different treats hidden in different levels. I recently tried this out whilst at my sister-in-laws baby shower & I think we were all pretty surprised at just how good it was. Whilst the afternoon tea at Grand Pacific will forever be my favourite, sometimes you can’t beat some good halloumi fries, chocolate brownies & a bit of fizz! If you haven’t already tried it our yourself, then make sure you give it go!


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