Hyaluronic Serums – worth it?

What’s the right beauty routine for combination skin? Combination skin that gets oily & dry in equal measure. Let’s face is, no-one really knows.

But, what I do know, is that I have been trying to find the right routine for my skin and slowly but surely I’m starting to figure out the things which do work.

I recently watched a Megan Ellaby vlog, where she talked about seeing a Dermatologist about her skin. As since she turned 25 she has suffered with acne and her skin has changed. If you have read any of my previous skincare posts, you will know that this is pretty much what my skin did too! During the Vlog, she spoke about how moisturising & hydrating your skin are different and on the advice of her dermatologist, she is now going to use products that hydrate rather than moisturise.

I looked into this a little myself and found that almost all skincare gurus and specialists recommended using a Hyaluronic acid serum on the skin, to help keep it hydrated. This should hopefully help with dry skin and help stop pores being blocked or irritated by to much moisturiser/ oil.

As I have loved Glossier from the minute I tried it & I know it doesn’t tend to react with my sensitive skin, I decided to give their Bounce serum a go. This is a Hyaluronic acid based serum to be used once a day.

I bought this product at the end of June and have used it almost every day since.

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