El Capo – La Revision

Whenever my boyfriend and I chat about what type of foods we couldn’t live without, Mexican food is always high on our list! From the taco to a quesadilla, cacti to chicharron,  there isn’t much I haven’t tried.


Our favourite home cooked meal are my own version of Cauliflower Taco’s and Manchester has a few spots to get amazing Mexican food, from the chain Wahaca to the unique El Taquero. El Capo has been on my ‘to eat’ list for a while and recently we finally went and tried it for ourselves!


One of the main reasons why we headed to El Capo, was their latest launch of both vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. As I mentioned in my Bundobust post, my boyfriend is now vegetarian and I seem to be slowly becoming an accidental vegetarian too. So, when we found out that there was somewhere we could both eat delicious  Mexican food, without either of us having to compromise, it was safe to say I was excited!


El Capo is like most places you will find in the Northern Quarter. Small, unique and relaxed.


We opted for their taco sharing platter for two & a portion of Jalapeño poppers. For the platter you get to choose 3 fillings and two sauces from a varied selection. They have choices for everyone, including vegetarians & vegans. We opted for mushroom, manchego & kale, BBQ jackfruit & white fish. For our sauces we went with the classic chimichurri & smoked chipotle sour cream. Everything was delicious, but I especially loved the fresh, homemade tortillas!


This is actually the first time I have tried jackfruit as a meat substitute and I have to say it was delicious! The white fish was great with the avocado and sauces & I definitely did not try the mushrooms (the devils food) but my boyfriend loved it! My favourite thing has to be the Jalapeño poppers. These have been a favourite of mine for as long as I can remember and El Capo’s are definitely some of the best! It’s sour cream stuffed inside a mild jalapeño, deep fried. What’s not to love?


El Capo is know for its food and cocktails. Most people will have been here on a Saturday night, enjoying the selection of tequila cocktails. But I would 100% recommend going during the day to try their food!


Whether your vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater, this would be the perfect place to go and enjoy delicious food, without anyone having to compromise! Have a gander at their menu here.


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