Autumnal Home Style

Anyone who knows me would be able to tell you that my favourite season, without a doubt, is Autumn.


To me the trees, weather, fashion & food are all at their best in this time of year! From September to November is my favourite time of year & one way that I love to celebrate this, is around my home. Once September 1st appears, there are little changes that I make around the flat that get me feeling autumnal & cosy!

Although candles are around our home all year round I love to buy the spicier & richer scents around this time of year. Nordic Leather from Zara Home is one of my all time favourites, but  any Tobacco / Sandlewood or Cinnamon scents would be my ‘go-to’.

Having blankets tucked over the side of the couch or draped on a chair, is a great way to make a living room look cosy. A chunky knit blanket is probably best to give that ultimate Autumnal vibe.

Pumpkins / Gourds
If I could, I would happily fill my home with miniature pumpkins all year round. But my boyfriend limits me to September-November. As soon as they are on sale, I love dotting them around my windowsills or sidetables. You can find them at any farm shop, or even local supermarkets.


The miniatures last for a long time, without any deterioration, so they are perfect for home decor. If you want something a little more grown up, then I’d head to TK-Maxx or Home Sense. I picked up some great glass pumpkin ornaments last year for dotting around the house.


Fruit Teas
Although this isn’t necessarily for the home, pumpkin, apple or cinnamon teas are a perfect on a cosy afternoon in autumn! I love the Whittards loose teas or the Pukka Apple & Cinnamon. (Not going to lie, I do drink this all year round, but even more in September!)

The place you can get away with being a little quirky, if your partner lets you, is bedding. Seasonal bedding has become my obsession over the past year or so and Autumn/Halloween bedding. This is a simple way to get in a Autumnal mood & get cosy at the same time. My personal favourite is my Halloween style bedding from George at Asda. George always have the best & cheapest selection of bedding which is the perfect blend of quirky & stylish.


I hope these little tips and tricks help get you in the mood for Autumn! If you have any favourite ways to enjoy this season, let me know in the comments! x

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