Northern Quarter Guide

Manchester is undoubtedly one of the most diverse cities in the UK. It has something for every style and a place for every type of person.


The city centre is made up of lots of different districts, just like most European cities. This will come as no surprise to some of you, but my favourite district of Manchester is the Northern Quarter. This section of the city centre is where you will find the best collection of foodie spots, bars, street art, independent boutiques and  people.


Now don’t get me wrong, some of my favourite places in the city centre, aren’t in the Northern Quarter – The Refuge – Hatch – Rudy’s – to name a few. But, if you don’t know the city that well, or your planning a trip to Manchester, then this is the district I’d definitely recommend! 


The Northern Quarter is one of the oldest parts of the city and has some of the best architecture you will find anywhere in the city. Due to its stunning buildings, fire escapes and cobbled streets it is often used as a double for Brooklyn or Manhattan for films and TV.


The Northern Quarter is a small sector of the city, between the Shudehill Metrolink to Piccadilly train station and Great Ancoats Street to Piccadilly gardens. Stevenson Square is pretty much the centre of it all.


Although there are beautiful restaurants, bars & shops all around the NQ, there are some spots that should not be missed!

Oldham Street
This central road that runs right through the area, is the place for shopping. Whether it’s a unique magazine, vintage clothing, film memorabilia or wigs, this street will likely have it.


Thomas Street & Tib Street
These are the streets where you will find some of the quirkiest shops and restaurants that the NQ has on offer. Artisan doughnuts, rare sportswear, stunning street art and the odd sex shop.


Stevenson Square
This is the hub of the Northern Quarter and is definitely one of my favourite spots. The collection of bars, cafes and shops which line this square represent exactly what the NQ is about. Central to it all is the ever changing street art which is always on display.


Hidden away around the NQ are studios and galleries for all different types of creatives. Not only is the street art some of he most amazing you will find in the UK…


The Craft and Design Centre is one of my favourites spots in the NQ for art in all forms. This is a working space that allows you to purchase jewellery, clothing, homeware and stationary directly from the artists studio. Your welcome to walk around, speak with the artists and see them at work.


There is also the gallery of Chinese contemporary art and Studio One.

The top reason why I spend the most of my time in the NQ is the food. This area has an amazing food culture & there are new places opening, literally, every month or so.


Food is such a personal thing, but I guarantee there will be a place for anyone in the NQ! Mackie MayorEvelyn’sSiop ShopFressNorthern Soul Grilled CheeseEl Taquero and Slice Pizzeria are some of my favourites, but there are so many more!


So, if your a Mancunian, but don’t know the NQ that well, then hopefully this helps! Or, if your planning a trip to Manchester and want to know the best areas to go, below are a few more posts, which I’ve dedicated to the best bits of the NQ over the past couple of years!

Vintage ShoppingMCR Street ArtMCR in the SunshineCat Café

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  1. Great article, staying in Mannchester for the night just before Christmas and undoubtedly will spend it in the NQ. Always go there when we’re in town as I was born just up the road in Miles Platting

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