August Favourites

Bee in the City

This open air Art Exhibit which has taken over the city, is definitely one of my favourite things to happen over the last month! I love that it has started a conversation about Manchester & given exposure to amazing local artists. If you get the chance, follow the trial & discover your own favourite bees! For more info / pictures have a look HERE.



I have bought things from Monki before on ASOS, but only a couple of random things. I recently discovered that Monki had opened a store in Manchester & they have tonnes of great pieces! Its quirky, colourful & affordable. This heart boobie tee is my new fave! (Below) I cant wait to stop by to check out their autumn range this month!

august fave 1

Cold brew tea bags

I am not a fan of cordial or the sugars that you find in most fruit drinks. So I tend to drink only water most of the time. Then I discovered cold brew fruit tea bags! They contain real fruit pieces. are caffeine free and have only natural flavourings. It gives my water bottles tonnes of flavour & are a perfect way to add flavour without the mess of fruit pieces & the sugars of cordials! Although the weather is getting colder, I’m hoping these will encourage me to keep drinking lots of water!

 Getting Curious podcast

I have tried listening to podcasts / find interesting podcasts before, but never really found one that I liked. This month I discovered Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness & I am obsessed. This podcast talks about real life issues / art history / Brexit / addiction with experts in their field & of course there are some interviews with the Queer Eye allum! Jonathan is hilarious, respectful and I genuinely loved it. Its perfect for listening on your lunch, on the way to work or even while your cleaning. If you haven’t subscribed already, then make sure you do!

august fave 2

New Addition

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