Shonky Exhibition

One thing that the Manchester area has plenty of is Art Galleries, I may be bias, but I think we have some of the best larger galleries and lots of smaller independent ones too! Bury Art Museum is one of the ones that often gets overlooked.


I recently popped in with a friend to see what they currently had going on and stumbled across the most visually stunning exhibit I’ve seen in a while!

As it’s currently Pride Weekend in Manchester, this would be the perfect time to visit the Shonky: The Aesthetics of Awkwardness Exhibit! This beautiful exhibition is spread over two floors of the gallery and is a collection of works curated for the purposes of exploring issues like Gender, Identity, beauty in all forms. Featuring Drag Queens like Divine and lots of gender diverse images this is a must see.


The work is delightfully colourful and for those of you who love all things bright, glittery, colourful and kitsch you will love walking round this collection.


This exhibit has sculpture, music, videos, mosaics  and more. Bury Art Gallery is quite small in comparison to most galleries, but its exhibits are usually stunning. The exhibition runs until 15th September, and its definitely worth a visit! ( PS. watch out for the furry floor creatures that follow you around!)



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