Tried, Tested & Textured haircare

This time last year (I can’t believe it’s been a year already) I posted about my haircare routine after I got lots of love on social media about my hair! Lots of you loved the tips I shared and hopefully tried some of the products for yourselves. Since then, some of you may have noticed that I’ve had most of my hair chopped off! After taking the plunge, I finally got rid of the inches of in-healthy hair & I love it.


The one thing I hadn’t planned for, was the fact I now had to change my haircare & styling products to suit shorter hair! After almost a year of having shorter, more textured hair, I have finally found my perfect products and tricks to maintain this style.


Of course, I want to share them with you all! If your planning on going for a ‘lob’ or you already have short hair & need some inspiration, then I hope this helps. I’ve included a the links to my favourite products, for some easy online shopping! Enjoy x


Now my hair is shorter & only has a small amount of colouring, I’ve found that a light shampoo and conditioner works much better. When I had longer hair, I would opt for heavier / creamier shampoos, but this will actually weigh short hair down. My current fave is the White Tea & Mint Herbal Essences duo.

Once every couple of weeks I will use a hair mask, to try and keep my hair strong and healthy. Now I’ve had all the dead ends of the last few years chopped off, my hair is much healthier & thicker, so I want to keep it that way. My favourite is still the Lee Stafford Treatment mask. I used to use this when my hair was long & it works just as well now!


Once out the shower, I always use a hair oil on the tips of my hair, keeping them strong & (hopefully) stopping frizz! I use the Lee Stafford Araon oil infused hair oil. I only need one small pump, to coat all my tips!

This I where my haircare routine is completely different to when I had longer hair. Where I used to create volume with layers, I now use my favourite ride or die Balmain texture spray! It gives my hair volume and helps keeps my waves in place for so much longer! I also find that it takes a bit longer for my hair to feel  greasy or flat & I can go longer between washes. Texture Spray is a must for short or mid-length hair. Although this one is pricey (I got this one as a deal from my salon with my haircut & colour) there are lots of texture sprays available that wont break the bank!


My secret weapon when styling / brushing my hair, is my tangle teaser brush! I got this one in my Birchbox and it works wonders! It makes brushing we hair quick and easy. As I have blonde highlights, my hair can often get dry and notty, this brush makes it so much easier!


For my day to day work hair, I try not to use any products. I also don’t really brush my hair unless necessary, I find that giving my hair a break Mon-Fri, is really helping it stay thick & stopping those unwanted split ends. I keep my hair in a loose, low bun during the week, to give it a break from heat & styling. I’ve got to the age now, where I don’t see the point in curling or straightening my hair every single day (18 year old me would kill me) but I have found that it has really helped its general healthiness giving my hair a break during the week!

Here are a few other products I swear by, for happy & healthy short hair:

L’Oréal Elnett hairspraySilvikrin Hairspary  — Lee Stafford Dry ShampooNone tug hairbands

2 thoughts on “Tried, Tested & Textured haircare

  1. I also use a tangle teezer and it’s the best! While other brushes cause breakage, this one doesn’t harm my hair. That volume spray from Balmain sounds amazing! I have been using the sea salt spray from Balmain but I am also curious to try this product.

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