New Islington – The New Hotspot

I am a self confessed Northern Quarter addict. This area of Manchester city centre, is renown as being the artsy, independent, relaxed part of the city. It is filled with the best bars, restaurants, cafes and boutique shops that the city has to offer. It is the most stunning part of the city architecturally and is usually a lot more relaxed than the rest of the city. But, it now has a worthy rival. 


New Islington, is an area of Ancoats which is currently being renovated (ok, let’s face it, it’s being gentrified) but it would be wrong to ignore the fact that it’s slowly becoming a destination for home grown food, businesses, bars and creatives.


My first trip over to the Ancoats  / New Islington side of town, was to try Rudy’s Pizzeria (easily some of the best pizza you will get anywhere around Manchester) around 6 months ago and I saw the area was changing, quickly! 


Over the past 6 months, more flats, shop fronts and offices have appeared and hopefully these will be filled with more mancunian independents / creatives. As you head deeper into Ancoats and the canals, you will fine the Beaty spot of New Islington.


Pollen Bakery, until recently, sold their delicious baked goods from a railway arch behind Piccadilly station. They are one of the first local, well known businesses to move over to the new area.


But they definitely aren’t the last. The Fusion Lab and many more businesses have already announced that they are making the move over to this up and coming area of the city.


As it stands, it’s all a bit unknown as to what or who else will be moving into the area. The area is still a little rough around the edges and it needs some love before it becomes a place that everyone will go. 

Hopefully, more of the amazing Mancunian businesses will be given the opportunity to fill these spaces, over the generic chain restaurants, shops & cafes. It is definitely somewhere to keep your eye on over the next 12 months and I’m sure I will have a lot more posts appearing, about this area of the city!

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