Bæst – Gennemgangen

 If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I recently spent a few days in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. ( Denmark outfit diary / Top 5 things to do) One thing which I haven’t spoke about much, or blogged about was the food!


We were lucky enough to bag a reservation at Bæst while we were there and although I don’t usually share foodie posts for places outside the UK, I really wanted to share this one! If you have watched Ugly Delicious on Netflix or The Pizza Show on Viceland you may have already seen this Pizzeria. It has become infamous for creating Neapolitan style pizza, but they aren’t actually allowed to label it so.

Bæst source all they’re produce, meats & cheeses from their own farm.


They make their own cheeses & farm/smoke & cure their own meats. Meaning that they can’t actually class their pizzas as ‘Neapolitan’ as the ingredients aren’t from Naples. Despite the classification, they create & serve some of the best food you can find in Denmark. They have been voted within the top 15 pizzerias in the world on a few occasions and are definitely worth a visit!


Located in the trendy / hipster quarter of Nørrebro, Bæst is a local favourite & place of pilgrimage for any pizza lover planning a trip to Copenhagen.


They pride themselves on fresh food, using seasonal produce and little food waste. My boyfriend and I couldn’t wait to visit and they do not disappoint! Their restaurant is the perfect mix of industrial, modern & class. When seated, the menu is explained & the waiters give you lots of tips of what might be best to order.


We opted for a charcuterie board to share & a pizza each. Which is definitely more than enough food for two, but we really wanted to try as much as we could!


Without a doubt, the meats, pickled vegetables and Stracciatella. Was some of the best I have ever tasted. I know we are often told that quality of ingredients is essential for tasty food. While I think this isn’t always true, at Bæst, you can 100% tell the quality of both the meats and the techniques used.


The pizzas are, of course,  the stars of the show. They are easily the best pizzas I have ever eaten. Light, delicious & unlike anything I’ve tasted before. Whilst Manchester does have some of the best Neapolitan Pizzerias (Rudy’s) Bæst is unlike anything I have ever eaten and they relish in their uniqueness.


So, if your heading to Copenhagen this year, or you just want to try some of the world best pizza, then make sure you head to Bæst!


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