Summer Gin Cocktails

Summer is still here for a little while longer and what better way to enjoy the last of the sunshine than cocktails!?


I really got into drinking gin last summer and been pretty obsessed ever since! In December I wrote about all my favourite Winter themed Gin cocktails and it got such a great response, that I thought I would do it again!

I’ve created 3 different Gin drinks that are perfect for drinking in the sunshine! Thyme, Lemon & Orange – Bitter Lemon & Thyme – Blackberry & Mint.


If you don’t love Gin or even alcohol in general, these drinks all taste amazing without the alcohol too. So simply remove the gin for a delicious non-alcoholic drink! The Gin that I used in each cocktail is Malfy lemon Gin! Its delicious and perfect for summery cocktails.


The next ingredients  you will need are the mixers & the aromatics. For all three cocktails you will need; Thyme, Mint, Lemons, Oranges, Blackberries, Bitter Lemon mixer, Tonic Water & Fentimans Mediterranean tonic.


Blackberry, Mint & Lemon cocktail

Add 5 Blackberries, two sliced in half, into a gin glass. Add ice & a measure of Malfy gin.

Slap the mint leaves onto your hand to release the oils and then add 6 whole leaves to the glass and stir.

Add your Tonic water & a sprig of Mint to garnish & enjoy! (this would also work with Raspberries if you prefer!)


Mediterranean Tonic, Thyme, Lemon & Orange


Squeeze lemon & orange segments over ice and place into the glass.

Add a measure of Malfy Gin & cover with the Fentimans Mediterranean Orange Tonic.

Finish with a sprig of Thyme & enjoy!

Bitter Lemon Cocktail


Pour a measure of Malfy Gin over ice and add a few wedges of lemon.

Add the bitter lemon mixer & a sprig of mint. If you really enjoy mint, add a few bruised leaves into the mixer too!

I hope you enjoy these drinks & have a lovely August. If you have any favourite cocktails or suggestions for me, let me know in the comments!



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