Pastel Hair Colour

For the longest time I have adored anyone who is brave enough to die their hair a bright or pastel colours. I have often said ‘I’d love to have hair like that’ and I’ve always stopped going any further.
So, when I found the L’Oréal colo-rista sprays I was pretty excited to say the least! Not only could I see what my hair would look like with colour, I also thought it could be great for summer, festivals & even a bit of fun with my nieces.
The lilac / lavender colour is the one I was most attracted too, but they have a whole range of colours! (Grey/peach/pink etc) I picked mine up from Boots for £6.99. The images online show a girl, with hair darker than mine, the spray has transformed her hair into a gorgeous lavender colour.
I finally got round to trying it out on my hair a couple of weeks ago. I started of by spraying a small amount on my hand first, to get an idea of colour.
It covered my hand with a pale grey powder & purple glitter. Which made me get a bit worried about how this would even show up on my hair.
It’s safe to say, I was massively disappointed when I finally used it on my hair! Not only did the product barely show up, the bit I could see, pretty much disappeared after brushing! The below 3 pictures are the same section of my hair; before, after spraying (a lot of) the product on my hair & after leaving it to dry / brushing.
As you can see, it doesn’t really do much at all. The colour doesn’t really come through and it definitely does not look like the ‘claims’ on the side of the bottle. I sprayed this section of my hair numerous times and really tried to get the colour to show. In real life, it was a bit more obvious / glittery, but it didn’t look much different! You would likely need at least 2 bottles to get your hair to look remotely lilac.
I genuinely thought this would be a great product for summer & for things like festivals. It’s wash in & wash out, so for people like me (who don’t want to permanently die their hair) it should be a great way too try new styles without the commitment. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that well!
I have used things like hair chalks before, which are much cheaper, and the chalks give your hair a lot more colour! Overall, I wouldn’t bother spending your money on this product and would definitely recommend hair chalks as an alternative!

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