Bee in the City Exhibition

You may have noticed Manchester’s streets have changed this week, there are bees everywhere…


The streets will stay like this for the next two months, as they are all a part of the cities biggest open air exhibit! Bee in the City have curated an exhibit of larger than life bees, which are dotted around the city centre. Each bee is decorated / designed by local artists, schools or designers.


This exhibit is to encourage people to follow the Trail of bees & explore the city! There is also an App which you can download, which shows you the whole trial. Each time you find a bee, you can check it off your list! (with over 100 to find, it could take a while!)


Each bee has bee is designed to be a play on the word ‘Bee’, show off a part of Mancunian culture/history or bring attention to a worthy cause. They are all due to be auctioned off in October, to raise money for the We ♥️ MCR fund. 


There are 100 bees and around 80 are taking place in the trail around the city. There are also lots of mini bees dotted around, in shops and galleries throughout the city.


You can also grab a Bee trial map from most shops around the city. If there was ever a time to get out, to explore parts of the city that you may not usually see, this is it! 



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