Grub MCR – Vegan Sundays

For anyone one who doesn’t know Grub MCR or what it’s all about, it’s basically an ever changing food fair that’s open every weekend in the city centre.


The Mayfield is one of the abandoned sections of what is now Manchester’s Piccadilly train station. Around two years ago a group of people turned this abandoned yard into a place where you can grab great food & drinks in a relaxed communal space. If you want to see how it looked on its opening weekend, have a gander at my previous post (Grub / The Mayfield).


Although we have been a couple of times, our last visit was probably around 12 months ago and boy has it changed! Grub has put all their efforts into creating a bigger and better space for people to enjoy & it’s paid off!


We decided to return on one of their Plant Powered Sundays to enjoy some of the best vegan food Manchester has to offer. Like a lot of people, my boyfriend and I are starting to cut meat out of our diet. Whilst my boyfriend is now completely Vegetarian, I am a meat eater but consciously making the decision to eat meat a lot less. Each Sunday, Grub MCR goes Vegan, which is why we chose this day to stop by! The creatives who were there on this Sunday include; Vork Pie, Wholesome Junkies (recently featured on BBC million pound menu), Wrapture & Old Town Chimney cakes.

While I wish I had the capacity to try everything on offer, we did manage to try the infamous KFC burger from Wholesome Junkies. Aka Kentucky Fried Cauliflower. This was beyond delicious & I didn’t even notice / think about the fact that all ingredients were vegan.


We also couldn’t resist trying a Vork Pie. We opted for the sweet potato, tamarind & coconut pie, which was extremely delicious! Again, the biggest surprise for me was how amazing the pastry was! I’ve always been a big pork pie fan & this was just as tasty as any vegetarian or meat pie!


Finally we tried out one of the Chimney cakes, in the original cinnamon sugar flavour. This tasted just like an Ikea cinnamon roll & it smelt amazing! Definitely something I would get again!


If you haven’t yet been to Grub MCR, on a Vegan Sunday or not, its defeintiely a place to visit this summer! The outside space is now such a beautiful spot for drinks on a summer evening!


All in all, I was blown away with how far Grub MCR has come & how delicious completely vegan food can be. I’ll definitely be heading back for another plant powered Sunday again soon!

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