Leaf on Bold Street – Review

If your a Manchester local, you may know of a little place called Leaf on Portland Street. This bar, restaurant & music venue is pretty well loved. But this post isn’t about there, I recently visited its sister restaurant, Leaf on Bold Street, Liverpool.


There are a lot of similarities (and differences) between Liverpool & Manchester and this place is one of them. While most people would come here looking for cocktails & a good Saturday night, what some people may not know, that they also serve a delicious breakfast!

Bold Street is definitely known as a destination for hipster brunch in the city centre, this little street holds most of the independent and unique cafes that Liverpool has.


Whilst I actually wanted to try somewhere else, but, by the time we got to Bold Street almost everyone of its cafes were full! So, if I’m being honest, we popped into Leaf as a last resort. I was then really glad we did! If your in the city centre an want to grab some good food, for a decent price, then Leaf would be a great place to stop by.

I opted for their natural yoghurt with homemade granola and compote. It was genuinely delicious! The portion was huge, so I didn’t manage to finish it all, but I ate as much as I could!


My boyfriend opted for eggs and chorizo on sourdough.


Whilst I’m not going to say this is the best food you will find in Liverpool, or even Bold Street, it is definitely not the worst. Far from it! If you don’t know the area and you want something quick & simple, then Leaf on Bold may just be the perfect spot for you. They have lots of seating areas/couches which are perfect for those of you who might like to work in public places!


So, if your planning a daytrip, then make sure Bold Street is on your foodie radar! If you need any more inspiration, have a gander at my other Liverpool posts…

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