Porter & Cole

When it comes to cafes & communal spaces, Manchester has its fair share. From pay per minute working spaces, to cafes which welcome patrons to set up shop & use the WiFi as they wish. There has been a few occasions where I have walked past Porter & Cole, assuming that this is their sole purpose.

Porter & Cole is a cafe, bar, barista, independent boutique & a  communal creative space all rolled into one.


For a while I had spotted their aesthetic on Instagram (surprise surprise I saw them first on Instagram ha) But it wasn’t until recently that I finally stopped by for a quick drink and I knew  instantly it was a hidden gem.

Slightly off the beaten track, this place is tucked away and is definitely a place where you would only find, if you knew it was there. They offer a selection of drinks & pastries, with a side of relaxed charm. Their staff are very welcoming & if your lucky enough you may even meet Porter & Cole. (The on site doggo’s who are also very friendly!)

As well as all the usual items, they also stock a range of interiors, accessories, books and cards. All with a modern twist. 


Whilst the space is clearly aimed at those who often set up shop in the citys cafes for work. It is still somewhere that would be a great place to enjoy a coffee or gin with a few friends.


Unlike Ezra & Gil or Mackie Mayor, where the usual bloggers or creatives flock too, Porter & Cole is just the right amount of busy & relaxed. If you are someone who works from home, or prefer to revise while your out & about, then Porter & Cole should be your new favourite!


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