Bundobust – આ રિવ્યૂ

How can I begin to explain my thoughts on Bundobust? Words like delicious, amazing & unique don’t seem to serve it any true justice!


This is some of the best food you will find in Manchester & you (just like me) have probably walked past this place hundreds of times! Opposite Piccadilly Gardens, hidden in plain sight, sits a doorway.


The only clue to was this place is, is the iconic sign above the door…


I have wanted to try Bundobust ever since they appeared on my Instagram radar. Like most spots around Manchester, Instagram is where I first found out about them! Since then, the likes of Jay Rayner have even reviewed this street food hotspot. Ever since I read the article, I knew I had to try out this food for myself!

My boyfriend has recently become a full time vegetarian & this seemed like the perfect time for us to try it out. Bundobust’s menu is meat free & lots of dishes are Vegan or gluten free too.


As soon as you go down into the restaurant, your welcomed by their unique artwork & a stunning ceiling view of the world above. Like most modern restaurants,  in the city centre, most of the seating is communal.


We decided to share 4 dishes with a side of Puri & sauces / dips. Okra Fries – Onion, Kale & Broccoli bhajis – Vada Pav – Massala Dosa. All your food is served in tapas style pots, perfect for sharing!


Genuinely, this is the best Indian food I have ever eaten & I already can’t wait to go back & try more!  All their food is packed full of flavour & although they are extremely popular, their prices are reasonable for their standard of food!


I could go on about all the amazing flavours for a while, but this really is the type of food you need to try for yourself. The Bhajis were probably one of the biggest surprises, they were so delicious! The Vada Pav, in essence, is a potato burger. But once you try it for yourself, you will appreciate how delicious it is! The deep fried garlic potato ball is accompanied by fresh green & red salsa packed full of fresh & delicious flavour. Never thought I would think this, but it was probably one of the best variation on a burger I have ever tried.


This place is cementing itself in Mancunian pop culture, not just with its amazing food, but it’s artwork & merchandise is just as beautiful & unique. If your local & haven’t yet tried out this place, or if your planning a trip to Manchester, then make sure your don’t overlook Bundobust!

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