Baltic Market – A Review


A few weeks ago, my latest food mission took me across to our neighbour city of Liverpool. I have been following the Baltic Market on Instagram for a while & have been drooling over the street food they have on offer, waiting to try it for myself.


Baltic Market is a blend of Grub MCR & Mackie Mayor. It has permanent stalls and communal seating, but also has an ‘unfinished’ / pop-up vibe.


With numerous places to eat and outdoor seating, I was very glad that the sun finally came out for us to enjoy this place properly!


One thing which I was completely surprised by, was the Brewery next door. This old brewery has been converted and is now home to numerous bars, restaurants & shops.


The whole area around the brewery has been covered in street art and has little spots to relax and enjoy music, a beer, gin or just a good coffee!


This spot, tucked away from the city centre, is definitely worth a trip. Whether your local to the area or you fancy a day trip somewhere new, the Cairns Brewery is definitely somewhere worth a visit this summer!

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