Earth Mother Soul Sister

If you follow my blog or my Instagram, you will know that the village of Ramsbottom (apart from Manchester) is my favourite place to get amazing food and buy artisan products.

Earth, Mother, Soul, Sister is a boutique shop located on the main high street of the village & it offers some of the highly regarded and natural skincare that you will find anywhere around.


A little while ago, I finally got the chance to stop buy and check out what they have on offer. Everything from supplements to Perfume is available in this list village shop. I have tried quite a few times to check out this place, but it unfortunately seems to be closed every time I have tried. Thankfully, this time, it was open!

My main reason for wanting to stop by, was to try and find some natural deodorant that I can try & hopefully like. If you have read my previous natural beauty posts, you might know that I have previously tried using natural deodorant, however I wasn’t the biggest fan & found it irritated my underarms. ( natural deodorant – does is work?)

Whilst browsing for some skincare, the lovely ladies who run the shop, gave me lots of information about their natural perfumes and even the organic teas that they have on offer.


Their selection of skincare has already won lots of awards within the beauty industry and although it is a lot more expensive than the usual skincare we might buy from Boots, it comes with the promise that they are all natural, organic and cruelty free.


If your looking to upgrade your skincare regime or thinking about making a more conscious decision in what type of products you use on your skin, then this is the perfect place for you to come. As I mentioned, the ladies who run the shop, have lots of knowledge on the products on offer and will help you choose what is right for you.


As I mentioned, my main reason for visiting this lovely shop, was to try another type of natural deodorant and see how it does! For a while I have been trying to stop using the mainstream deodorants, to avoid the heavy use of chemicals that are in most standard brands. I also like to try and ensure all my beauty products are cruelty free.

After speaking to the women at the store, I purchased a Salt of the Earth classic deodorant stick. After my last natural deodorant test, I knew I wanted to try out a stick, rather than a balm. So I was really excited to try this out!


I used the deodorant for a few days & began to get some irritation in the creases of my underarm. At first I thought it had to be something else, as how can salt be reacting with me? Unfortunately it was the deodorant, like last time, it seems that my sensitive skin isn’t a lover of natural deodorants.


I did have to stop using the product and go back to my trusted Nivea. However, after speaking to a couple of bloggers, who are natural deodorant experts, I’ve been told that it can sometimes take a while for your skin to get used to the new product – especially when it is only natural ingredients. So, I’m going to try and ease this deodorant into my routine a few days a week & see how I get on. I will make sure I do a further update after a few more weeks of use!

If you have any tips or recommendations, let me know in the comments! x


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