Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Don’t hate me, but Summer is definitely my least favourite time of the year. Whilst I love being outside, longer days & spending time with friends and family. I’m not a lover of being hot or getting all my skin out.

It doesn’t really get that warm in Manchester (we only get about 14 days of really hot weather) so the most of the things on the high street, are too thin or flimsy for a real Mancunian summer. (To add some context, as I’m writing this it is grey & raining despite being June)

Planning a summer wardrobe with all of this in mind, isn’t the easiest thing to do! But if your the type of person who loves simple style, being comfy & nothing too revealing, then these might just be the perfect wardrobe essentials for you too!


A staple of this year’s spring / summer fashion is definitely a blazer. This modern take on a 80s classic is perfect for layering over T-shirts and jeans or even dresses. It’s light & smart, giving you a bit more coverage & warmth without having to wear a jacket. Perfect for British summer weather. Mine is H&M & was a lot cheaper than most high street blazers, have a look HERE to grab your own.


Summer dress

We all need at least one dress that can be used for a wedding, christening or just a day at the beach. I have two dresses which are my ‘go-to’. One from New Look which ticks all these boxes, it can be dressed up for a wedding & only cost £14.99! The second is a gypsy style, baggy dress from Topshop, which is perfect for day out or a trip to the pub.  Have a gander HERE to find one you love.


White cotton shirt

This is one of those items that I cannot live without, it comes with me on every holiday & city break. It’s perfect to cover up with & layer over dresses. It’s lightweight & smartens up even the most casual outfits. I grabbed this one from Topshop a few years ago, but they are all over the high street this time of year. I prefer those which are softer brushed cotton. Have a look at a few of my faves HERE.



This year is definitely a throwback to 90s fashion, when sportswear became acceptable, for all occasions. One of my current favourites are the casual joggers, which have been smartened up into wearable pants. Mine are from ASOS. They are lightweight & very comfy! Grab yours HERE.



The Cover-Up

If your weight goes up & down, like mine, summer can be a self conscious / scary time. So, I bagged myself a large A-line midi dress that is super baggy & looks like its meant to be that way! Its extremely comfortable & cool in warm weather. I can throw it on & feel dressed up, without any effort! Mine is from & Other Stories, although I couldn’t find the exact one, they have a great range of relaxed summer dresses. Go for a size bigger, to get a true baggy vibe! Grab one for yourself HERE.



Slogan / White Tee
Slogan tees are still around and are here to stay, I know I go on about them a lot, but they are, easily,my most worn item! I have managed to get a collection of white tees over the past few years & they are a staple of my summer wardrobe. Whether they’re worn with jeans, layered over/under dresses or under a camisole, you really can’t go wrong with a white slogan tee. Have a look at some of my current faves HERE.


Maxi Dress

A couple of maxi dresses are essential for a Northern England summers. Its the perfect way of being summery but still being slightly covered incase the temperature drops! I  have a few dresses like this & rely on them for anything from BBQ’s to lunches out. My current favourite is a 90’s button up mustard dress which I snapped up in Tesco! Have a gander at my Copenhagen Outfit Diary for this dress & more links to my fave holidays outifts!



As our summer hasn’t really got going yet, have a quick look here, for my Spring Wardrobe Essentials too!

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