Bock Biere Café – Une Critique


Like most northerners, I take my gravy seriously. In our family, gravy is an essential to our Sunday roasts. We will even mop it any left over gravy, with buttered bread. (Don’t judge me until you’ve tried it!)

So, last year, when we saw that the Belgian restaurant Brock Biere was offering a gravy fondue, I knew I had to try it!


We actually tried this place out last month after pre-booking the table back in February! If you want to try the Sunday Roast fondue, it is only available on Sunday’s or Monday’s & it does get booked up quite quickly, so make sure you book online.

The restaurant inside has a dark yet cosy ski lodge type of vibe. The walls are filled with beer themed posters and barrels. It’s the perfect cosy place to try some of their pilsner and share a fondue!


Whilst you might think, that this sounds like a big gimmick, I can genuinely say that these guys take their roast dinner seriously & it tastes amazing.


For £25, two people can share this lovely board of vegetables, waffle Yorkshire puddings and a cut of beef or chicken.


There’s not really much more I can say about this place except it serves a bloody good Sunday roast, for a decent price, which comes with a big pot of delicious gravy to dip everything in.  It’s everything you could want as a gravy lover.


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