A realistic skincare routine

We have all seen those videos & magazine articles raving about 10 step Korean skincare routines. Essence, oil, mask, cleanser, gels… who actually has time for all that everyday?

Unless your an Instagram model or a full time blogger, normal people just don’t have time for a 10 step skincare before work or after putting the kids to bed. Its also a struggle to really know which products are worth using and which ones aren’t. Every magazine advert, Instagram ‘Paid Partnership’ and video with #AD make me always second guess the advice that these people are giving!

If you follow my blog on Instagram, you might have seen that I recently did a poll on people’s skincare habits, products & routines. Lots of people got involved & I got some really interesting answers!

I asked; Do you have a skincare routine / What is your price range for skincare / How many products do you use / How much are you willing to spend on skincare products and when do you use your skincare (morning or night). I gathered all the votes & the DMs I received & created this post with all those answers in mind!

All the votes were counted & verified and my lovely Instagram followers decided that a night time routine, with 1-3 products, each costing no more than £20 would be the best.

If you have seen any of my recent posts, you will know I’ve been really struggling to find a routine & products that work for my skin. ( Glossier Skincare / L’Oréal Skincare / Balance Me )

I currently have my own 3 product skincare routine for every other night, which seems to be working really well for my combination skin. So, as this is in line with all the votes from my Instagram poll, I thought I’d share it with you. No ‘Paid Partnership’, no free PR products, no #AD. Just a normal girl, with hormones, letting you know what works for me & what will hopefully work for you!

The products:


Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser
Balance Me micellar water (swap with St Ives face scrub twice a week to reduce texture)
Balance Me Rose face oil

The Routine:

Each night use the Balance Me micellar water to remove all your makeup or days dirt. The Hyaluronic Acid helps keep your skin plump & despite the fact that it removes even water proof makeup really easily, its also full of all natural ingredients.

Then, I use the Glossier milk jelly cleanser to make sure your skin is completely clear! This formula feels great while your using it and it is moisturiser, but doesn’t leave your skin oily.

Finally, add a little oil to your fingers and pat this into your skin, adding a little more too the dryer spots. (I avoid my chin area, as that’s where I usually get a lot of my clogged pores and spots)

Every 3rd day, I will also use my St Ives apricot face scrub, as a way to remove any built up skin or dirt. I know that this scrub isn’t for everyone, but I love its consistency and the fact that it doesn’t contain plastic, like most face scrubs, is my favourite thing about it.

For anyone who might want a skincare routine which wont cost as much, I’ve included links below for some great alternatives to the above products!


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