April Favourites

I can’t believe it’s already May! I know we all say this, pretty much every month, but this year is going so quickly! Last month has flown by, I had an amazing birthday, I was spoilt by all my favourite people & I am now officially 27. (That’s very scary to type)

I was lucky enough to get to try & see a few new places this month, which will be up on the blog soon! Although April was lovely, I’m so excited for May! This month my boyfriend turns 30 (makes my 27 feel a lot less scary ha) and we are going to Copenhagen! So, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, prepare for lots of Scandinavian street & coffee shop spam!

Before I ramble on too much, here’s my faves for last month!


I’m sure we all are a bit fed up of people going on about Glossier. But, I am obsessed with their Lidstar eyeshadow & I need to tell you why! This product is so quick & easy to use, it gives you a really lovely wash of colour & looks like you have spent a lot more time on your makeup than you actually have! I have a full post coming this month with more pictures, colours & swatches but I knew I had to include it in this months favourites anyway!


Berksha Pants

For ages I have seen people rocking their smart / casual ath-leisure wear & I wanted some for myself! I spotted these on ASOS & thought I’d give them a try. When I got them and tried them on, I became obsessed. They are beyond comfy & feel like your wearing a pair of joggers. They look smart & are light weight too, perfect for British ‘spring / summer’ weather!

Santa Clarita Diet

This was our latest binge on Netflix & I have been telling everyone about it! If you need something hilarious & fun to watch, then start watching this! It’s like Modern Family, but with zombies & the second series is even better than the first.


Tate Liverpool

If you saw my post this month, you will already know I visited the Tate to see their latest Artist Rooms exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein. This exhibit runs until June, it’s free & is definitely worth a day trip!


Birthday presents

Of course, the lovely things I was gifted for my birthday are my favourites things for this month! After trying the Glossier You perfume a couple of times, I have been obsessed with it and my boyfriend got me a bottle for my birthday. This perfume is fresh, summery & I love it.


He also treated me to Sunday lunch at The Refuge in Manchester & a night at The Principal. We had such a great time & celebrated my birthday in style!


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