Travel Essentials

As our next trip to Copenhagen is getting close,  I am already starting to get everything ready for our break next month. After all the careful outfit planning, comes the nightmare that is packing for hand luggage only …

We always keep our trips cheaper, by taking only hand luggage. But, this means that I cant take my usual daily products like; micellar water, toner, moisturiser, face oil (the list is pretty much endless) After a lot of city breaks, I think I’ve finally found the perfect essentials to pack, when your limited on space!


Whether it’s Vaseline. Dr Paw Paw or Glossier, a multi use balm is a travel essential. This will save your lips from the dry flight & will be your nails & skin saviour if needed!


Makeup wipes

I know that these aren’t necessarily the greatest way to remove make up, but with limited space, packing your micellar water might not be an option! They are multi purpose too, so its always handy having a pack. They might be your best friend when you need to freshen up too!



This is the perfect way to take your perfume away, without the bulky bottle. You can pump your favourite perfume into the atomiser & it should be enough to, at least, get you through a long weekend!


First Aid Kit

This sounds a bit over cautious, but there have been a few trips where my trusty bag of tablets & plasters have come in handy! I got migraines in Rome & thankfully I had my tablets handy. My partner cut open his foot in Barcelona & my little plasters were there. I know you can buy these while your away, but I find it so much easier knowing I have all we need & I won’t have to pay a fortune for them!


Good quality dry shampoo & hairspray

On a short city break, if I can get away without washing my hair, I will! Not only does it save time, but I then don’t have to worry about not having my hair oil, conditioner etc. I always depend on a good dry shampoo to get me through! Spending a little more than normal is well worth it, to make your trip a bit more hassle free.


All round moisturiser

A decent moisturiser, which can be used on your body and face is essential when traveling with only hand luggage! I love the Simple-kind to skin basic moisturiser. Both my boyfriend and like to use it, which saves a big more space. It’s not too heavy & with its natural & simple ingredients (excuse the pun) it’s perfect for a bit of after shower moisturiser too!


Happy Travels! x

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