Tate Liverpool – Artist Rooms


Here in Manchester we often get amazing exhibits at Manchester Art Gallery & The Whitworth Gallery. From Warhol to the infamous Hidden Pleasures exhibit. This year however, it is definitely worth making the trip to our neighbour city & heading to the Tate Liverpool to check out their latest Artist Rooms Exhibit.


Not only do they currently have amazing exhibits on sex, pop culture & feminism.


They also have a new exhibition, from the amazing artist Roy Lichtenstein. This Artist Rooms exhibition will be at the Tate until June. It is definitely worth a visit! Not only do they have a few of the pieces that we all know and recognise…


.. they also have plenty of pieces that most people won’t have seen before (including me).


Roy Lichtenstein is easily one of the most recognisable artists of his generation. His work is beautiful but is definitely more impressive & beautiful in real life.


I know that art galleries might not be everyone’s idea of a fun day out. But the Tate Liverpool will definitely have something for everyone. Not to mention the fact it is surrounded by numerous bars, restaurants & the stunning views around Albert Docks.


Although I’m always going to think that Manchester has everything I need, spending the day somewhere new, is always good for the soul. Using the Trans Pennine Express for a £11.50 return, it only takes a quick 30 minutes from Manchester Victoria to Liverpool Lime Street. If you need some ideas on where to spend your weekends, I’ve also got a few more posts on the way, showing some of the best places to eat & drink, in our sister city of Liverpool.

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