Hatch MCR

The Boxpark phenomenon from Croydon and Shoreditch has finally made its way to Manchester.


Hatch is one of the most recent places to spring up on Oxford Road corridor. This area, along with ancoats, has been undergoing a transformation.

Hatch is a unique collective of creators who offer everything from stationery to artisanal coffee or tacos to succulents. This pop-up, tucked under Mancunian Way, is one of the new ways to enjoy street food & communal dining in the city centre.


The outer boxes offer; Tak coffee, The Beehive florists, Nonsense (stationery, plants, books & clothing). The inner boxes, around the inner courtyard, is where you will currently find Ol nano Brewery, El Marchador Tacos & more.


It was typically Mancunian weather when I finally got round to checking this place out. Rain mixed with a bit of snow, doesn’t exactly make the best pictures, but you can get the idea! Although the weather was miserable, I grabbed a coffee at Tak & had a look around the independent shops.



Nonsense has to be my favourite little shop.


Stocking stationery, plants, homeware & books, their general vibe is just my cup of tea!


If your in the Oxford Road area & need somewhere to relax & grab a drink, this place is ideal. I have no doubt that the courtyard and brewery will bit hit this summer too!

Although I had a look around during the day, you only need to check out their Instagram to see how popular this place has become at night too! If you love the vibe of the Northern Quarter and Mackie Mayor, this could be a great new place for you to spend some time!



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