Balance Me Skincare

Since I was sent a small sample of Balance Me cleanser in my monthly Birchbox, last year, I have been obsessed  with this brand.


I haven’t really mentioned these products before, then, whilst thinking about creating a skincare routine post, I realised that Balance Me skincare was a huge part of my own routine. These products have been a staple of my daily routine for just over 6 months. They are natural, affordable, kind to skin & do exactly what they are meant too!

As you might know from recent posts ( L’Oréal – Glossier – Neutrogena ) I am on the hunt for skincare that I can rely on. My skin has changed since I entered my late twenties & my good old tried & true products, just don’t seem to work anymore. As I have sensitive & combination skin, I’m always nervous about trying new products. Which is why I got stuck using the same things I’ve used since I was a teenager.

The first time I used the Balance Me micellar water, I couldn’t believe how easily it removed all my make up, without causing any irritation. It dealt with my liner & mascara, really easily too.


I have also found that even after cleansing my face, with Glossier milk jelly cleanser, if I wipe my skin with this micellar water afterwards there will still be some makeup residue. This water manages to be gentle, natural & kind to sensitive skin, yet it still cleans my skin deeply & thoroughly. I tend to use this on a cotton pad every morning. I will quickly cleanse my face with this micellar water, before starting my normal make up routine.

I then tried the matching face wash. Just like the micellar water, the cream wash cuts through make up really easily, its kind to my skin & it’s perfect for using after exfoliating.  It cleanses really deeply, without causing any dryness or leaving any oily residue.


Now that my love affair with Balance Me was in full swing, I was really excited when I got their rose face oil, in my beauty advent calendar. As I struggle with hormonal acne & irritated pores, I have previously always stayed away from any face oils. Even though most dermatologists & beauty gurus now recommended face oil for my type of skin, but I was still really nervous about using it!


I started to apply a small amount of the oil to my skin after it had been cleansed at night. I tried to concentrate on the area around my eyes & avoid putting too much product on my chin or cheeks (where most of my skin issues are)

This oil leaves my skin feeling really hydrated but surprisingly not oily or smothered. You really only need a very small amount, so the product itself will last you a while. It’s scented, which can seem a little strong at first, but this does disappear quite quickly!

If you need a tried & true product that you can rely on to work well, every time, then you should give the Balance Me range a go! They have different cleansers, cream washes & moisturisers for all different skin types, each one colour coded, to make it easy. Have a quick look here & maybe you will find the one perfect for you!



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