El Gato Negro Tapas – Review

It’s safe to say that since our trip to Barcelona last September, my boyfriend and I have fell in love with Spanish / Catalan food.

Tapas is my favourite way to eat. I prefer having lots of little bits to try & nibble rather than one big plate of food. Whilst in Barcelona, I was in my element & tried out different tapas dishes whenever we could!

El Gato Negro is a renowned tapas restaurant & bar, in Manchester City centre. Tucked in between the shops on King Street, this stunning townhouse style restaurant, has been on our ‘to-eat’ list for a while & we have finally tried it out for ourselves.


My boyfriend got a reservation for a Sunday night and then we basically counted down the days! Although you may be able to pop in during the week, if you fancy going on an evening (especially on a weekend) I would recommend booking a table!

Its known for being a hit with footballers ( a couple of Manchester city players were enjoying a cocktail whilst we gobbled up our tapas) & the odd local celebrity. Surprisingly, the menu isn’t overpriced & the whole place has a very laid back & welcoming vibe.


The only issue we had, was trying to pick out just 6 dishes to try! (The menu recommended 6 dishes for sharing between two) The whole menu sounds delicious and offers options for everyone. Whether your vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, I am sure they will be able to cater to your needs.

After much deliberation, we finally decided on a seafood & meat feast! It was easily some of the best tapas I have ever eaten.


As it was night time, unfortunately the pictures don’t do it justice! But you should hopefully get the idea!

We ordered the anchovies, bikini (posh cheese & ham toastie), salted cod croquettes, Iberico ham croquettes, sea bass with white bean hummus, a beetroot, walnut & blue cheese salad & finally chilli and garlic king prawns. Each dish was just as delicious as the last!

All the food comes as and when it is ready, so it may come all at once, or they may be delays in between some of the dishes appearing. Either way, its well worth any wait you may have!

Not only was all of the food cooked perfectly, you can really tell that they serve some if the best quality produce they can find.

The prawns, anchovies & sea bass were probably some of the best seafood I have had in the UK. My boyfriend actually thought the best sea bass he has had and even compared it to the amazing seafood from Burano, Italy. Finally, we finished the feast with a selection of Spanish cheeses (couldn’t resist!)


If you read my post on the Miller & Carter steakhouse , which is only a few doors away from El Gato Negro, you will know that I felt their food was unfortunately overpriced & of a poor quality. We actually spent less money on our amazing tapas date night & enjoyed some of the best food you can get in the city centre.


Not only was the food amazing, the staff are helpful & friendly. The interior of the restaurant is also a perfect blend of modern, rustic and Industrial design. ( including a nod to Mancunian poet and legend John Cooper Clarke)


As you can probably tell, we honestly enjoyed everything that this place has to offer. I couldn’t recommend it more, it is definitely now one of my favourite restaurants in Manchester & well worth a try!


If you do decide to give it a try (I really hope you do!) then make a mental note, to not wear anything which is burnt orange. Otherwise, you might blend into the velvet couches, like me!


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