Neutrogena Light Therapy

Am I spot free? No. Has this light pen given me blemish free skin? No. Did my spots disappear completely after using the pen? No. Will I continue to use it? Yes! Here’s why …


It took me a while to admit it to myself, but I know there is no ‘cure’ for acne prone skin. Even celebs who spend thousands on skincare/facials & dieticians will still get spots. But, when a product like this comes along, I am one of those people who can’t resist giving it a go!


This light pen is a ‘targeted acne spot treatment’ it is stated as targeting the bacteria in the skin, with blue & red light technology.


The light is stated as being effective at reducing ‘the appearance of spots & reducing inflammation’. You simply place the light section over a specific spot, hold the on button until it bleeps & keep it there until the light goes off. Each light treatment last 2 minutes.

I have tried this light pen on my skin for the past 3 months and I do think it makes a difference! I suffer mainly with hormone spots. They appear like clockwork every-month. They are always large, sore & very red. This light pen did not ‘get rid’ of these spots but they did reduce the swelling & redness.


Although it might not give you crystal clear skin like the pre-pubescent girl in the advert. It did help reduce redness for me. Making it a lot easier for me to cover/hide them with makeup. It also made me feel a little more comfortable when I was makeup free.

So, I actually think I’ll continue to use the pen & I’m glad I gave it a go! The redness & inflammation of my spots, are the main reasons I get self conscious about them. Any product that reduces this & makes my skin a little more normal is definitely a winner for me!


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