Glossier – Is it really worth it?

This may be the 146863th review of Glossier products that you have seen & I know I may be a bit late to the party. Glossier has been all over social media since it stared selling in the UK last year, like most people, I instantly felt the need to try it out!


Their aesthetic, rave reviews & natural beauty ethos called to pretty much everyone. In the back of my mind, I had a niggling thought, is it all a load of crap? Are the products worth the price tag? Does it actually work? Or are the Instagram guru’s being paid to love it.


Well, I knew there would be only one way to find out. Put my hand in my pocket & buy some products. After watching The Anna Edit breakdown of all the products & what she thought of them I decided to go for the 3 step bundle or the ‘Phase one set’.

For £35 you get the Glossier priming moisturiser, the infamous jelly face cleanser & the multi-use balm Dotcom. (Of course, these all come in their own pink bubble pouches, with stickers & free samples.)


If you read my recent L’Oréal skincare review, you will already know that since turning 25 my body & skin have completely changed.

Literally overnight, (or at least that’s what it feels like) everything that used to be my trusty ‘go-to’ products, are now like strangers to me. I am on the quest to find what works for my new/hormone ridden/ageing skin. And, like all of us, I couldn’t resist the Glossier calling.

So, I slipped these products into my daily routine, hoping that I wouldn’t breakout & regret spending my money on the infamous Glossier.

After using the milk jelly cleanser & the primer moisturiser for about 2 weeks, I actually did notice a difference with my skin. It looked healthier & I didn’t seem to have as many blemishes as usual. After around 8 weeks, (thankfully) my skin had no breakouts & it still felt soft & moisturised.

I have combination skin and this moisturiser is perfect for anyone with skin like mine. It gives you enough moisture, without making the skin oily. I actually mixed a little of my concealer into the primer moisturiser, and apply like a tinted moisturiser / BB cream. This was perfect on days I only wanted to wear a little makeup or just wanted to even out my skin tone.


The milk jelly cleanser also worked really well for my skin. Its gentle, but removes every trace of make-up really easily! It isn’t drying or harsh either.


As most of my issues are with hormonal breakouts, I know that no skincare products will rid me of it completely. But these two products definitely made me feel a lot more confident with my skin!

I have been using the products for a couple of months, so far, I will definitely re-buy them & continue to use them. I think they are a little expensive, but in comparison to brands like Clinique & No7 they are reasonably priced.


When it comes to the balm dotcom, while it did help save by boyfriends chapped lips & helped my lips survive February’s snow, I don’t think it’s something I would buy again. It works just as well as Dr Paw Paw & Carmex (which are much cheaper). The only extra positive, would be how pretty it looks on your bedside table or when you pull it out your handbag.

I will definitely be purchasing more Glossier skincare. ( already have my eye on the moon mask & The Solution) and the Jelly Cleanser & the Priming moisturizer are now permanent features in my skincare regime. All the links for these products are below.

I recently purchased some of the Glossier make up range. So another post will be on the way, once I test them out!

Glossier Skincare

Phase 1 Set

Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser

Priming moisturizer


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