Mindful – MCR

We are couple of months into 2018 & by now we are all either sticking to our resolutions and feeling great, or like me, you might not of actually got going yet.

Whether it’s diet, exercise, social media addiction (whatever your battle is) there is something small that everyone could do, to try to feel a little better. That’s being Mindful and practicing mindfulness. Manchester now has many places that you can go to learn about mindfulness and even Manchester Art Gallery holds mindfulness tours, combining art appreciation with mindful meditation.
Mindfulness is something you will have seen mentioned almost everywhere over the past 12 months, it has become the new smashed avocado on toast. But, it’s rarely explained or simplified.
If you have seen my post –  travelling to Taiwan, you will know that this is what first made me interested in Buddhism, meditation & mindfulness. Being mindful and living a life of mindfulness is one of the main principles of Buddhism.
It is more than sitting still. Although their are many different layers to mindfulness, the basic idea is that that you allow yourself a small time each day/week to calm your mind an focus on just one thing. This can be your breathing, a mantra or a piece of artwork. Be calm and don’t allow negative, stressful or worry enter your mind, if it does, bring yourself back to only concentrating on your one thing. Eventually you apply this to your everyday life, ensuring you concentrate on the moment you are in, not worries about the past or future.
This can be done while washing up, cooking, hoovering, walking & even running. (anything really) Practising mindfulness is proven to lower stress levels and allows you a small time of peace from the busy & often stressful lives we all lead.
I have read a lot of different things over the past few years, which helped me understand more about Buddhism and practising mindfulness. I know most people might scoff at the idea of this type of practice, but, I can honestly say it has helped me. I have been able to use mindfulness to help me sleep, during periods of insomnia. It helped me deal with the loss of a loved one & help bring my mind some calm, when I need it the most.
If there’s one thing I would recommend as one small change everyone could make for 2018, is to be a little more mindful & practice mindfulness to help our own mental health. Here are some great sites, to learn a bit more about the health benefits of mindfulness. Positive Psychology –  The Huffington Post.
If you want to know more about Buddhism and fancy some knew reading material, I would highly recommend: Buddhism; plain & simpleYou are here
If you want to know more about mindfulness, I’d definitely give these a try: The little book of meditations – Zen; A beginners guideYou are here. Or to start off a little simpler, here’s a 5 Step guide & the Wiki How guide to mindfulness.
I know there may still be some skeptics who think it wont be worth trying. But, its free & might just help. Got to be worth a try, surley? Enjoy x

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