El Taquero – La Revisión


Whether you have been listening to Camilla Cabello’s Havana, reading Rick Steins Road to Mexico or you are just an avid cookery show fan (like me) it’s hard to deny the surge of influence of South American culture in food, music, news & fashion.

Taco’s are, thankfully, no longer crispy shells made by Ol del Paso and real Mexican food, especially, has been embraced by all. There are quite a few places dotted around the city centre, where you can now get some amazing South American grub, but my new obsession is El Taquero.


This little restaurant, tucked away in the Northern Quarter, has been on my ‘To-Eat’ list for quite a while. Last month my boyfriend and I finally found time to stop by & we were definitely not disappointed!


Taco’s are probably one of my favourite foods at the minute and El Taquero’s menu is perfect for feasting on them! You can order individual tacos, or get 3 of the same type. So, as we wanted to try as much as possible, we ordered 9 different Tacos. (Don’t judge us, it’s almost impossible to choose!)


We ordered seasoned ribeye, chicken with lime & avocado, ribeye with cheese, pork skins, cactus with Mexican chorizo and cheese, ribeye with cactus, cod with sautéed onions, chicken & lime with cheese & last but not least ribeye with shrimp.


All dishes come with a mix of freshly made, house sauces. Ranging from smoky & tasty to mind blowingly hot, these little sauces were the perfect accompaniments to our taco feast!


Although it would be hard to decide on a favourite taco, if your planning a visit and aren’t sure what you would like, here’s a few of my faves!

Pork skins – if you love pork crackling, you will love this. If not, probably best to avoid!

Ribeye steak & cactus – spicy but not too hot, really smoky & perfect for any meat lover.

Chicken, lime & avocado – this one has a bit of a kick, but is delicious.

Cactus, chorizo & cheese – this one is perfect for anyone who isn’t a lover of spice. Full of flavour though!

Cod & sautéed onions – this is probably the spiciest of the bunch, but tasted amazing. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

Inside El Taquero, the decor is a perfect mix of South American influence, without coming across tacky.


The modern neon signs and artwork blend perfectly with the bright colours and patterns, synonymous with Mexico.


We turned up, just as the kitchens were opening, but within an hour, the place had started to fill. Definitely worth trying to book a table if your planning your own visit. With a wide range of fresh food, cocktails and relaxed vibe, I can see why this place is loved so much!

If you hadn’t already guessed, I loved these taco’s & will be telling everyone I know, to head straight there!



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