Chinese New Year MCR

One of the many things that Manchester does well is Chinese New Year. Over the past few years this celebration has gotten bigger & better. Chinese New Year in 2018 is officially on 16th February,but celebrations will be happening through the weekend, until the 18th.


This year’s zodiac is the dog. Whilst this might not seem as exciting as the Dragon, people who are born this year are meant to hold some of the best qualities a person can possess. Loyalty, honesty, friendly and smart.

Manchester has one of the biggest china towns in the UK and a huge community right in the city centre. Chinese New Year is celebrated around the city in lots of different ways, but this all comes to a peak around china town over the weekend 16th – 18th February.


Red Chinese lanterns will appear around the city centre, bringing luck and prosperity to wherever they are hung.


On Sunday the 18th the annual Dragon Parade will take place around 1pm. There will also be food stalls and fairground rides down Charlotte Street and around China town. One of my favourite things to do is to walk around Chinatown, and trying lots of new (to me) foods.


Between 2-5 pm there will be traditional dancing and acrobatic displays on the stages in Albert Square and last but not least, at 6pm there will be a fireworks display. Bringing the weekend long celebrations to an end.


If you want to know more about the celebrations – find out here.

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