5 best spots for Date night

If your planning a first date, double date or just want to impress your other half, then I guarantee one of these 5 places will be perfect.

Picking somewhere for a date can be a tricky thing, especially a dreaded first date! You won’t want to go anywhere to loud, but it definitely cant be empty! You don’t want to go anywhere too cheap, but like me, your living on a budget!

Well, the type of person your going with and the message you want send can all be affected by the place you go! But don’t panic just yet! I have a few places to suggest. All ranging in style, budget & the food on offer!

For the laid back 1st date or double date = Mackie Mayor


This listed building, which has become a bit of a food hub over the past few months, is the perfect setting for any couples stuck in a rut with their date night ideas & a great place for a group or double date. Open day & night, this is perfect for couples working round babysitters or to grab some food before you head out for more drinks.


With different types of foods & drinks on offer, there is something to suit everyone! Find out more HERE.


Relaxed first date vibe / for the foodie partner = The Bagel Shop


Offering tasty & delicious food in a laid back environment, this place is perfect for that casual first date/let’s grab a coffee meet up. Or anyone who just loves great food & like to try new things.


Find out more HERE

The ‘pulling out all the stops’ first date / special occasion date = Grand Pacific


This stunning restaurant sits atop of King Street opposite Jamie’s, Rosso & Vivienne Westwood (in good company) This is the perfect spot for anyone to spoil a date or surprise your other half with something new!


Despite its location, delicious food & stunning interior, it’s not that expensive! For £27 per head, you can enjoy a Prosseco Afternoon Tea. Guaranteed to make anyone feel special (and look like you have gone to maximum effort!) Find out more HERE.

Intimate first date / Brunch date / The morning after = Fress


This small cafe / restaurant with a modern Manhattan vibe, is great for a more intimate date. With it’s smaller tables & limited seating it’s the perfect spot for that ‘ get to know you ‘ date!


With it’s stylish interior & gorgeous breakfast/brunch options it might also be the perfect place to grab some coffee or food the morning after the big date night. Find out more HERE.

Fun first date / perfect double date / relaxed date night = El Taquero

This lovely little restaurant serves some of the freshest & most authentic Mexican food you will get in the city centre.


It’s bright, patterned & unique interior is perfect for a more fun style of date night. Tacos, cocktails & a relaxed atmosphere is sure to leave a good impression on anyone who wants some good food & fun. Find out more HERE.


So, whether its a special occasion, first date, or you just want to try a new place with friends, at least, one of these 5 should please everyone. Happy Dating! x

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