January Favourites

Lets face it, January has been hard. Its dark, rainy and everyone is skint. Thankfully February is here and the weather should (hopefully) start to get a little better!

Most of my favourites this month are gifts I received for Christmas, that I’ve finally had chance to use & love! I hope January has been as painless as possible for you & February brings you some sunshine!



I was lucky enough to be bought some new trainers for Christmas by my lovely boyfriend & I have loved them ever since! I am a trainer obsessive and will gladly chose them over boots or sandals any day. These go with everything and are really comfy!



El Taquero is definitely the best place I’ve eaten, over the last month. Their authentic Mexican menu is the best I’ve tasted for a long time! There will be a post up on the blog soon, all about these delicious Taco’s and where to find them!



Over Christmas & New Year I perfected (many) gin drinks. But loved 3 in particular! Winter Gin Tonica, London Cup Gin, Clementine & Cinnamon Gin cocktail. If you want to know the recipes & enjoy them yourself, here’s my Winter Gin Cocktail post!

Cook Book


I was bought this cookbook for Christmas and I have cooked a couple of recipes in January! They both worked perfectly & tasted amazing. Although most recipes call for a lot of ingredients, its worth it! My favourite so far has to be the Sourdough, Pistachio & herb stuffed chicken. This stuffing is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.





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