Soup Kitchen – The Review

If your looking for somewhere new to eat this weekend, somewhere relaxed and simple, which is easy on the pennies. Then the Soup Kitchen is going to be for you.  As the new year has begun, we are all probably in the same. A bit skint, jeans are feeling tighter & the wintery weather is now just annoying, rather than festive.

Thankfully, places like the Soup Kitchen, offer somewhere relaxed to spend an hour or two over your weekend, enjoying some simple & healthy grub, which won’t blow your January spending budget.


The open plan style canteen, gives a relaxed (almost school-like) vibe. The menu is ever changing & offers a selection of fresh soups, (surprise surprise) sandwiches, toasties & warm dishes like lasagne. Their menu offers plenty for anyone who is vegetarian, vegan or if you eat a plant based diet.


If you are the type of person who hates any hipster trends, like cereal cafes or bearded men drinking craft ales, then the Soup Kitchen might not be for you. But once you understand that SK also doubles as a venue for live music, comedians and exhibitions, you start to understand its charm.


SK serves food for a few hours over the weekend and only for one hour a day during the week, offering a decent homemade lunch for city workers in the area. The long industrial benches, are there to encourage the Scandinavian trend of dining as one. This is something we are starting to see all around the city, at places like Grub, Alty Market& Mackie Mayor. Except SK manages this, on a much smaller, more intimate scale.

Not only does SK offer some decent food, they also have a selection of Craft ales. Although this means nothing to me, the boyfriend seemed to enjoy his!


I tried the spiced cauliflower & chestnut soup, which was actually delicious. The pictures do not, do it any justice! So, if you want to escape the crowds of people over on Market Street, have some good food at reasonable price, head to Stevenson Square.



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