Things to thank MCR for…

As you may have already seen, I am really passionate about my home city & all it brings. Whether that’s food, exhibitions, street art or architecture. Manchester is the place that I love most. Despite my travels (Barcelona, Venice, Amsterdam, Berlin etc) this is still one of the most beautiful cities.

Not only are we at the forefront of music, fashion & science, there are plenty of things that this fair city is responsible creating/changing or inventing. Things that now affect everyone’s lives, that Manchester deserves the credit for!


That’s right, weekends. Without the pioneering work of Robert Lowes, we wouldn’t have weekends in Manchester. Or not as we know it!

Lowes gathered together the heads of industry in Manchester during the 1800s, to give factory workers more than 1 day off a week. This then became our weekend. This agreements impact ripples across the country & other factory owners / business men had to then follow suit. Giving workers across the UK to a full day off a week and eventually the weekend.  (Thank god for Mr Lowes!)


The right to vote 

Everyone should know that Emmeline Pankhurst was born & bread in Salford. She was one of the women at the forefront or the suffragette movement. This gave women the right to vote. Her image is now iconic & celebrated as a symbol of strength.


She is a pioneer and a symbol of the strong women that Manchester & Salford create. You can see her in graffiti around the city centre and lots of homages to her infamous quote ‘I’d rather be a rebel than a slave’

The Pill 

Ok, so this is a random one, however it’s definitely something that most of us would hate to live without.  Although the contraceptive pill wasn’t invented in Manchester. Manchester University, specifically Herschel Smith, discovered an inexpensive way of getting this medication to the masses.

Giving women & men more sexual freedom and helping those who don’t have much income, protect themselves from getting pregnant.


This one is probably quite obvious. But just in case you aren’t aware of the amazing bands that come from Manchester/Salford then here are just a few examples ..The Stone Roses, Oasis, James, Joy Division, New Order, The Verve, Artic Monkeys, Elbow, Hurts, The Charlatons, Blossoms .. Happy Monday’s… the list is pretty much endless.


With a rich culture of encouraging self expression, plenty of music venues & the working class/Mancunian backgrounds that created most of these people. Creates new bands, genres & music that pretty much everyone will know & love.

Manhattans replacement

Not many people will know this. But Manchester is often a step in for Manhattan & Victorian Britain in films like Captain America & for scenes in TV shows like Peaky Blinders.


The Architecture in the Norther Quarter is similar to those in Manhattan. Complete with cobbled streets, fire escapes & alley ways. As it’s a much cheaper place to film, there are a lot of places which are often shut down for film crews.

The Computer

May as well end with a bang. Mr Alan Turing, although he was born in the south, called Wilmslow, Manchester, his home. He was instrumental in creating Enigma, a machine which cracked the Nazi codes or war. After the war, he worked at the Victoria University of Manchester and helped create the Manchester computers, which ultimately have led to the computers we use in everyday life.

As most people know, he was imprisoned & medically castrated for being a homosexual. A statue of Mr Turing, resides in the centre of the Manchester gay village. A reminder of the men & women who fought for their right to be who they are. Those who lost their lives for not being deemed ‘normal’ & for helping pave the way for people to love whoever they choose.

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