Rudy’s – La Recensione

It will come as no surprise, that I have found another amazing place to eat in Manchester City centre & I want to share it with you!


I am (as you probably already know) a lover for all foods, but when it comes to pizza, my boyfriend and I like to think we are somewhat connoisseurs. We have tried it from Rome to Ramsbottom & we do like to think we know good pizza. Or, we just love pizza & always go out of our way to eat it.

Whilst I love the Northern Quarter for its pizza stops, like Slice & Mackie Mayor. My boyfriend heard about a new-ish place (open around 2 years) called Rudy’s & we have finally got round to trying it out!


This lovely little place is hidden away on Cotton street, over in the Ancoats side of town. It has everything you could need, without trying to be fancy or pretentious. The guys at Rudy’s pizza, make fresh dough, have imported Mediterranean ingredients & everything is made fresh to order.

If you have ever watched The Pizza Show on Viceland, then you will know exactly the type of place I’m talking about. (If you haven’t, add it to your watchlist!) They make fresh pizzas everyday, until their dough runs out & it’s guaranteed it will. We popped in on a quiet Wednesday afternoon, around 1pm and the staff had already mentioned the dough was running low. If you want it, you have to get there early.

My boyfriend and I decided to order two pizzas & share. We opted for a classic margarita & their own special of Romagnola. This is their margarita, with prosciutto, rocket & parmesan shavings. As I just can’t resist them, I had to add anchovies to the Romagnola. (don’t judge me unless you have tried it!)


Let’s face it, there’s not much I can say about how good pizza is. However, if you want to try some of the best pizza you will find in Manchester, then Rudy’s is where you should head, you have to try it for yourself! This pizzeria is tucked away in the ‘up and coming’ part of Ancoats, which is slowly becoming a hub for new & exciting places to eat and drink, around the city centre.


This area is definitely one to keep an eye on over the next 12 months, with all the new flats & offices being built in the area, there are sure to be more places like Rudy’s popping up. Before the crowds of people discover how great this place is, get yourself to Rudy’s and enjoy some of the best pizza you can get.


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