Winter Gin Cocktails

It’s fair to say, that Gin was definitely the drink of 2017 and is only going to get bigger. I actually started drinking Gin properly only a few months ago, because of the wonderful bartenders at Bluu bar, making delicious Gin cocktails.

Throughout summer I enjoyed (a lot) of Tom Collins cocktails & fell in love with drinking Gin. But, as the winter months came, I didn’t want to drink anything cold or lemon flavoured. Until I discovered winter gin cocktails that is!


There are three cocktails which I have been enjoying, very much, over the past couple of months and I though I would share them with you! I haven’t included any measurements with the ingredients, as I think Gin cocktails are all about your own personal preference! Make these cocktails for how you like them!

The Clementine & Cinnamon.

This one is so simple, yet perfect for winter nights. All you need is;

Ophir spiced gin

Fevertree clementine & cinnamon tonic water

Orange peel

Cinnamon stick


This has been my drink of choice over Christmas & New Year! If you want something warming & festive, this is the perfect choice. I know that this tonic water is limited edition and a lot of people have struggled to find it. But, I have found lots of it in almost every Asda store I have been too!


Winter Gin Tonica 

This cocktail is from a book that I was given for Christmas. The Gin Tonica Recipe book, for Spanish style cocktails.  I knew I wanted to try it straight away & it did not disappoint! If your new to drinking Gin, this would be a perfect one to try, as it is slightly sweet. All you need;

 Opihr spiced Gin

Ginger ale

Tonic water

Ginger syrup

Orange peel

Cinnamon stick



I changed the recipe from the book slightly, as ginger liqueur isn’t exactly easy to get hold of or affordable. So I added a little more Gin & used touch of ginger syrup instead. I think this one is possibly my favourite!


London Cup Gin

Last but not least, is a new one to me & it has slowly become one of my favourites. All you need is;

Sipsmiths London Cup

Ginger ale or tonic water

Orange peel


This Gin is tasty & sweet enough to drink alone with just ice! But, when it’s mixed with tonic water & orange peel, it is even more delicious!!




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